Guidelines for Successful Planting

The following discussion concerning planting and care of young grapevines contains excerpts from a University of California Cooperative Extension publication that was presented at the San Joaquin Valley Grape Symposium on December 11, 1996 at the Centre′ Plaza Holiday Inn, Fresno, California.

Wonderful Nurseries wants your planting and growing experience to be rewarding. The following information should be helpful in preparing for your grapevine planting this spring. The information contained herein represents generally accepted planting and vine care practices within the grape industry. Some or all of the recommendations may not apply to your particular vineyard situation (particularly in replant or interplant situations). If you have specific questions or concerns, please call your local farm advisor before proceeding.

Guidelines for Planting

A successful planting is where 98-100% of the vines grow. Very seldom is a 100% stand achieved, but below 98% is considered somewhat of a failure. With early plantings of dormant benchgrafts, growth should be good enough in the first year of planting to have 85-90% of the vines "topped" at the fruiting wire.

Once high quality planting stock has been delivered to your vineyard, it is essential that it is handled properly, that correct planting procedures are followed, and that planted vines are properly cared for in the field.

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